Stay Away From These 11 Foods That Could Cause Cancer


You may recognize that optimal health starts in the kitchen, but did you know that diet is at the heart of many cancers?

In reality, up to 70% of cancers are considered to be preventable by diet. The other 30% have to do with genetics and environmental factors that you cannot control.

Still, these are good chances to encourage better nutrition! Stay with us for all foods you’d better avoid to minimize your chances of developing cancer.


In the end, we’ll show you an easy way to figure out what things are actually good to eat.


11- Canned products

Canned foods tend to contain very high levels of salt and/or sugar, but that’s not the main reason it’s bad for you. It’s actually the boxes that contain the food.

They are often lined with the dangerous chemical BPA, which is a known hormonal disruptor that has also been linked to cancer.

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BPA will leech in any food comes into contact with it, especially things that are naturally acidic, such as tomatoes.

Eat your fresh or frozen products instead, or buy only canned products that are labelled as BPA-free.

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10- Pop Soda

When we say, soda is bad for you. Sugar is needed in small amounts, but it is also the preferred food of cancer cells, and sodas contain enough to suffocate a horse.

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It also has no redemptive nutritional value and puts you at greater risk of cancer because of the artificial chemicals and dyes that are added.

If it’s a boost of caffeine energy you need, a much healthier option is tea or lightly sweet coffee, both of which have anti-cancer properties.

9- Chips

Chips are not healthy because they contain a lot of salt and saturated fat, which is overwhelming for your body’s digestive system.

The reason they increase your risk of cancer is something called acrylamide, a carcinogenic chemical that occurs every time food is cooked to a high temperature.

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Frying potatoes produces a lot, but that’s also why health experts suggest against charring your meat during cooking. Acrylamide is also in cigarettes and is part of the reason why they are so deadly.

8- Smoked and processed meats

Red meat, in general, should be limited because of its high-fat content, but any meat that has been processed is best to avoid almost entirely. It won’t be easy because many tasty products are on the list, including bacon, breakfast meat, sausage, jerky, and smoked barbecue.

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Many of these foods are stored with nitrates and nitrites, which are linked to cancer. And even though smoking is a centuries-old technique for preserving food, it causes the meat to take on the tar in the process. It’s very bad in cigarettes and just as dangerous in food.

7- Farmed salmon

Naturally lean, it contains high levels of healthy omega-3 fatty acids that your body really needs.

Unfortunately, farmed salmon live a busy and highly stressful life and are fed an ungenerous diet filled with antibiotics and carcinogenic chemicals.

As a result, their meat is rich in PCBs, dioxins, and mercury – all things dangerous for humans to eat.

6- Microwave popcorn

The problem with microwave popcorn is how they are stored.

When the corn is popped in the microwave, THE PFOA covers the finished product on the right with the artificial trans fat “butter”.

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The popcorn itself can be a healthy snack; however, if you use an air popper, then throw it away with a little garlic-infused olive oil or a tasty mixture of dried herbs.

5- White flour

Whole grains are very healthy, but the treatment that creates refined white flour completely removes the value. White flour also gives its colour by an explosion of chlorine gas, not something you want to eat.

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In addition to being nutritionally empty, white flour has an extremely high glycemic index,  blood sugar, and insulin levels with it. This state in the bodies is thought to nourish cancer cells. Try to use whole grain flours.

4- High fructose corn syrup

High fructose corn syrup is dangerous because, although it comes from natural corn, the sweetness is very concentrated. Foods that include it are likely to put your blood sugar through the roof and create the good environment for cancer cells to thrive.

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It is not sure to cause cancer directly, but it is dangerous to create a situation in your body that is good for cancer to grow. Avoid packaged foods and cooking at home is the best way to avoid high fructose corn syrup all together.

3- Marinated foods

Stripping is another form of processing that adds nitrates or nitrites, salt, and artificial dyes to food.

In the same way, a lot of alcohol can cause cancer in the parts of the body that it directly affects, marinated foods are linked to cancer of the digestive tract, especially the stomach and colon.

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If you really like pickles, take the time to make them at home so you can control the salt level and avoid artificial stripping solutions.

2- Hydrogenated oils

You might think that vegetable oil should be healthy, but this is another case where natural processing products makes them dangerous.

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It is found in many processing foods, added for texture and preservation, but hydrogenated oils affect the structure and flexibility of cells, increasing the chance for cancer to develop.

1- Conclusion

Can you feel the common thread of these carcinogenic foods? Yep, they are all very transformed from their natural form into something more practical or aesthetically pleasing.

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The easiest way to fight cancer from your diet is to focus on buying fresh foods at the store and cooking it at home, so you control the treatment. When you leave things packed behind, you can be sure that you know exactly what’s going on in your body.

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