Amazing Superfoods To Add To Your Diet


5- Coconut

Food science has come a long way, changing the way that nutritionists look at fats. Healthy fats are no longer as vilified as they used to be, and coconuts are a great source of essential fatty acids.

Because you can buy it in so many forms, you have many options to work the fruit into any diet.


Try raw coconut shreds on your food, or make a dish with raw coconut butter or coconut flour. Coconut water also has benefits, but nearly not as much as the flesh.


4- Cocoa

This doesn’t mean it’s healthy to grab a milk chocolate bar in the checkout line. Cocoa beans themselves are full of antioxidants along with a decent amount of iron and fiber for the serving size.

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Even without adding sugar to it, recipes using cocoa can help fight sugar cravings.

Anytime you’re making a healthy desert, you can try adding a few tablespoons of cocoa powder to it. In case you’re hit with the need for something richer and chocolatier, mixing cocoa with pure maple syrup creates a sticky treat that isn’t too bad for you in moderation.

3- Green Beans

Beans in general are pretty good for you, though not if you are trying to adhere to a low carb diet. Green beans are different, because they are very low in starch. A single serving will have far fewer net carbs than kidney or lima beans.

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Part of the reason for this is their fiber content, which aids in digestion. Calcium, protein, and vitamin C are also along for the ride. Buying them canned is fine, but just remember to take a look at that nutrition label. Some of them might be loaded with extra sodium if you aren’t paying attention.

2- Romaine

Raw veggies might be a little hard for some people to get into, and Romaine can serve as a gateway food in that regard. Other greens have a tendency to be bitter when uncooked, but Romaine has a bit of a natural, sweeter taste.

Raw is actually the best way to consume romaine, since losing moisture also means losing that crunchy texture. Chowing down on leaves as a wrap or a salad means an injection of vitamin A, vitamin C, Omega 3 fatty acids, and magnesium. They also blend into smoothies a lot better than you might expect.

1- Apples

“An apple a day keep doctor away” didn’t become a phrase for no reason. Crunching down on one or two introduces a shot of Vitamin C, potassium, and pectin to your system. Sourer varieties also have more antioxidants than sweet ones, so go for Granny Smiths, Pink Ladies or Cortlands.

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For those of you wondering why apples appear in salads so often, there’s actually a good explanation to why you want to add pieces of the fruit to greens.

The high acidity of tart apples helps prevent browning, which is useful if you’re making some to eat now as well as later.

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