Where does your money go ?


The first thing to know is where your money goes. What happens during the time of interval between receiving your paychecks?

Keep a small book with you, and take time to note any expense you made within the day.


At the end of each week, summarize all your expenses into categories as follow: Food, transportation, luxury, etc.

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By the end of the month,you can see which category you spend on the most


Getting your financial life together is not just a struggle but an ongoing uphill battle many people face.

It takes time and dedication to shovel your way out of the mountain of debt, bad habits, and ignorance that have lead you to the position you are currently in.

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Financial debt can be crippling. It can prevent you from having peace of mind,buying a house, making satisfactory share to your family or can even lead to buying a house, making satisfactory share to your family or can even lead to getting divorced.

Student loans are not the only cause for the ever-growing anxiety that may be slowly chipping away at your ability to sleep.

Poor spending habits, credit card debt, or lack of knowledge may have caused you to be in the situation you are in now.It is difficult for many people to admit fault if the situation they are currently in does not match the situation they think they should be in.

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It is easy to blame outside elements for every negative circumstance that has to lead you to where you currently are.

And for sure, outside influence has more than likely set forth the motion for your current dilemma, which does not mean that you are not at all to blame as well for the outcome. Before you get defensive, let me explain.

There is a concept that many people take part in without even realizing it. It’s called The Rich vs. Poor mindset, which is basically a concept that shapes the way an individual mentally perceives a situation.

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It doesn’t just apply to financial situations but in the way a person views the world on a regular basis, and the decisions one makes when faced with an obstacle.

If you surround yourself with people who don’t have any real future goals or who are satisfied with where ever they are in life and tell you that you’re fine where you are, or who support you to continue bad habits, you’re never going to break out of your cycle.

Because, you constantly continue to do what you’ve been doing and this will make them feel bad and guilty about the worse situation they are themselves going through.

Now, this doesn’t mean that you need to cut everyone out of your life, but you should really evaluate the sort of social environment you are in. And, how it may be holding you back from where you want to be.

Are you tired of the constant feeling that you don’t have any money?

Living paycheck to paycheck is a real problem for many people.

While some of the people in this rut are low-earning families, many are not.

Those being in the middle class can also become entrenched in this cycle.

Breaking this cycle is possible.

You have to have some willpower.

You have to push yourself to deal with delayed gratification.

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